“Zoom” feature in SSMS – SQL11 (“Denali”)

Recently, I got a chance to install my own copy of SQL 11 (“Denali”) – CTP 1 and I must say, I was highly impressed that we finally have full integration with the Visual Studio shell, which means that the usability features available in the Visual Studio 2010 shell are also available to SQL Server Management Studio as well. The best example for this is clipboard ring, which has been documented by Pinal Dave (blog) and Chintak Chhapia (blog) recently.

If you want to know more about SQL 11 (“Denali”)

If you want to know more about SQL 11 (“Denali”), a good place to start will be the “What’s new” listing available on this very web-site! You can reach this list right here – http://beyondrelational.com/whatisnew/sqlserver/denali.aspx. Simply click on the feature you want to explore and if one of us from the community has written about it, chances are, it is linked here.

“Zoom” feature in SSMS

One things you would immediately notice is that the SSMS now has the provision of zooming both the content in both the query editor and the “Messages” tab from the Results window. We don’t have this on the “Results” tab, but I think that it will follow soon. Isn’t this feature a boon for anyone who needs to present on the big screen often?

I am eagerly awaiting for the release of CTP 2, which would contain Project Juneau – the full-blown UI enhancements for Denali. I am sure you are as well. Have fun exploring SQL 11 (“Denali”), and until we meet next time,

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