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I invite you all to be a part of the webcast series on SQL Server 2008 R2.

This webcast series will take you through the features of SQL Server 2008 R2 and help you get a better control over the software solution environment. I will be one of the speakers and will be presenting a session on the “Underappreciated Features of Microsoft SQL Server” on May 06, 2011!

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Empowering New Class of Business Users!

Security and scalability are always the most important aspect of any enterprise solution. This webcast series will analyse various solutions that create an environment where performance is the key player along with security and scalability.

We invite you to log-on and be a part of the webcasts on SQL Server 2008 R2. This webcast series will help every developer and administrator to get a better control over their environment and create commendable solutions.



Date & Time

Session Title & Abstract


2nd May, 2011
(2:30 pm – 3:45 pm)


Managing and Optimizing Resources for SQL Server


This session will cover the various aspect of how to manage the resources as well balance the utilization of the same to ensure the smooth running of the server.


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Balmukund Lakhani

Balmukund is currently working as Technical Lead in SQL Support team with Microsoft India GTSC. In past 5+ years with Microsoft he was also a part of Premier Field Engineering Team for 18 months.


3rd May, 2011
(2:30 pm – 3:45 pm)


Optimizing and Tuning Full Text Search for SQL Server


This session will cover all the key aspect of Full Text Search which is responsible for the scalable and secure but optimized full text search.


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Sudarshan Narasimhan

Sudarshan Narasimhan is currently working as a Technical Lead for the SQL Server support team where he is responsible for a group of Support Engineers and serves as their escalation point for all technical issues.

4th May, 2011
(2:30 pm – 3:45 pm)


Understanding Performance Bottlenecks using Performance Dashboard


This session will demonstrate how to troubleshoot a SQL Server performance issue using out-of-the-box features without having to collect diagnostic data for post-mortem analysis.


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Amit Banerjee

Amit is a part of the SQL Server Escalation Services team at Microsoft. His day-to-day work involves fixing/troubleshooting complex issues related to SQL Server over a varied range of environments.

5th May, 2011
(2:30 pm – 3:45 pm)


Cool Tools to have for SQL Server DBA


This session will cover a quick review of PSSDiag, SQL Nexus, SQL Server Backup Simulator, Profiler, Process Explorer, PerfMon and WinDirStat.


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Pradeep Adiga

Pradeep Adiga is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for MS SQL Server with one of the biggest MNCs in Information Technology field, where he works with highly critical OLTP systems and over 50 TB data warehouse.

6th May, 2011
(2:30 pm – 3:45 pm)


Learn Underappreciated Features of SQL Server to Improve Productivity


This session will cover SQL Server Management Studio utilities which would improve developer productivity and ease management/administration tasks.


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Nakul Vachhrajani

Nakul Vachhrajani is a Technical Lead and systems development professional with Patni Computer Systems Limited having a total IT experience of more than 6 years. He has comprehensive grasp on Database Administration, Development and Implementation with MS SQL Server and C, C++, Visual C++/C#.


Please note:

Audio Issues: Please follow these steps to resolve any audio issues if you face during the session:

1. Click on Voice and Video button in the Live Meeting Console and then un-mute the speaker’s icon from there.

If the speaker’s icon is greyed out, please close the session and join the meeting again.

If you see Join Audio under Voice & Video tab, then click on it to connect to the audio.

2. In case the Speaker Icon on the top menu bar is disabled, then exit the current session and re-join. Please ensure that you have:

Windows Media Player 9 or above, you have Windows Live Meeting 2007 installed and you are not trying to view the session on Internet Explorer.

Please ensure that you have adequate bandwidth.

Also, the computer Audio controls should not be set to ‘mute’.

Conference Centre: If you are still unable to troubleshoot the audio problem, you have the option to connect to the conference centre and hear the session broadcast.

Dial 1-203-4808000 or 1-866-500-6738 (Toll-Free through Skype) and enter 8635208 (this pass code will be same for all the SQL Server 2008 R2 webcast sessions) as participant passcode to connect to the Webcast session.


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