July calendar – 5 week-ends after 823 years – Incorrect article by Times Of India

Today morning, as I was reading the morning newspaper and having a nice cup of tea, the following article grabbed my attention:

Edition: Times Of India, Ahmedabad edition
Date     : July 04, 2011
Page     : 08
Article : After 823 years, five weekends this July
Author : Chittaranjan Tembhekar

I was shocked! It is sad to note that a responsible print media fell into the trap of a rumour that seems to have started only to help numerologists and astrologists mint money.

Calendars are a periodic set of numbers and repeat approximately after a given time. This period however, is not a huge 823, but approximately 6-10 years.

Here’s the proof – such an arrangement of days last came about in 2005, and before that in 1994. Don’t believe me? See for yourself in your Windows calendar!

July 2011 image
July 2005 image
July 1994 image


Moral of the story: Don’t believe everything you see! Even the media may be wrong.

Until we meet next time,

Be courteous. Drive responsibly.

1 thought on “July calendar – 5 week-ends after 823 years – Incorrect article by Times Of India

  1. QuiQinQ.com

    Yes Nakul you are absolutely right. Infact on Saturday one of friend shared the same thing on FB. I immediately called her up and asked her to delete it as it was false and I was wondering what comments she would get on this. Next I posted an article ‘[Truth About – July 2011 Has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays And 5 Fridays And It Happens In 823 Years][1]’ on the same explaining why it is impossible in simplest of manner I could.
    On Sunday night I was surfing to see how far my post crawled up the Google result list something shocking was waiting for me. The Times of India published an article on this. Even that point of time I was sure that they will be busting the Urban Legend but to my horror, they believed it – and were making lakhs of readers believe in something which was totally wrong. I mean, it was FB and Twitter which spread half truths and now TOI joined the league, but the wrong way round. Making a joke of Indian journalism Global Scale.
    And yes people are believing or at least influenced by this article. I got more than 30 hits by the time I am writing this on my post ‘[The Times Of India News Article – After 823 Yrs, 5 Weekends This July – Is It True?][2]’ on this TOI blunder. And that is not all an online post Jagran Post carried an article titled ‘[Rare amongst the rarest, this July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays’][4] on 27th May 2011.
    Thats height of intellectual stupidity

    [1]: http://blog.quiqinq.com/2011/07/after-823-years-july-2011-5-saturdays-5.html
    [2]: http://blog.quiqinq.com/2011/07/toi-news-on-5-sundays-n-saturdays-in.html
    [3]: http://blog.quiqinq.com/2011/07/toi-news-on-5-sundays-n-saturdays-in.html
    [4]: http://post.jagran.com/rare-amongst-the-rarest-this-july-has-5-fridays-5-saturdays-and-5-sundays-1306471605
    [5]: http://blog.quiqinq.com/2011/07/toi-news-on-5-sundays-n-saturdays-in.html



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