SQL Server – SSMS – How to quickly fetch the SQL Server client tools version information?

Recently, the IT department at the office undertook a hardware technology refresh cycle. To facilitate the IT department, we were required to send out a list of all installed programs & supporting components so that they could provide us with new computer systems up-to-date with the right versions and patches.

That was the time when I discovered something interesting. I found a quick way to get the following information about SQL Server client tools right from SSMS:

  • SSMS Build Number
  • Analysis Services client tools build number (if applicable)
  • MDAC version
  • MSXML version
  • IE version
  • .NET framework in use
  • Operating System version

I simply browsed out to Help –> About:


Once there, I noticed that all the information is now available on screen. So, I clicked on “Copy Info”, pasted it to Excel and sent it over to my IT department. They were surprised as to how fast I got this information for them. Well, it’s our little secret now, isn’t it?



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2 thoughts on “SQL Server – SSMS – How to quickly fetch the SQL Server client tools version information?

  1. Patrick Lambin

    I was amused when i began to read your article, but really interested by the use of copy info button to insert the data in an Excel form.I will be naughty with you , my mark ( like in a school ) : 19/20.I will use your “tip” on MSDN forums when the original poster is unable to give informations about his/her SSMS which has problems.
    So Thanks



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