SQL Server – SQL 2012 (SQL11/Denali) – Query editor – Intellisense now recognizes hyperlinks!

I was playing around with my SQL 2012 (SQL 11/Denali) CTP03 instance the other day, and noticed a great usability enhancement to the Intellisense available in the Query editor.

I was adding a reference to a particular web-page on a query that I was working on. Lo and behold, Intellisense was able to recognize the hyperlink within a comment block, and upon hovering over the link, allowed me to visit the web-page by using the Ctrl+Click combination!


The Christmas week-end is coming up, and if you are working, I hope that that you have an easy end to the week and get to spend quality time with your family.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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1 thought on “SQL Server – SQL 2012 (SQL11/Denali) – Query editor – Intellisense now recognizes hyperlinks!

  1. Ramireddy

    In SSMS 2008 also, we can use “Ctrl+Click” on hyperlink. But it will not give the tooltip. So users will not aware of that… Tooltips are very much helpful from usability point of view..



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