This Blog is relocating!

It’s time for a change. This website,, is rolling out a new Blogs module with improved features, feedback and social opportunities. All 146 of my posts have been moved to the new location: All future posts will be on the new blogs module.

The blogs will continue to be published just as you have been used to – twice a week, every week (one on Monday and the other one on Thursday). In order to subscribe to E-mail alerts do not forget to visit the “Preferences” section within the my blog space.

As always, do keep sending in your most valuable feedback. It helps me ot understand what you would like to read about, what you like and more importantly, where can I help you? If you like a post, do not forget to check the “Like” checkbox and share it using your favourite social media – Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Without any delay, let me redirect you to the new blog location:

Until we meet next time,

Be courteous. Drive responsibly.

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