#0232 – SQL Server – 2012 – What’s new? – Dynamic Management Views (DMV) and Catalog View changes

In the first couple of months after I started blogging, I wrote about Catalog Views & Dynamic Management Views (DMVs). While DMVs are some of the most powerful features of Microsoft SQL Server, they are still under-utilized due to the lack of awareness around them. Nevertheless, each release of Microsoft SQL Server comes with a new set of DMVs being introduced and existing DMVs being modified to expose more valuable information/details, and therefore, I decided to focus on DMVs once a week for the next couple of weeks.

To kick-off the series, I will be presenting today a comparison of the DMVs in SQL Server 2008 v/s those in SQL Server 2012. A total of 382 DMVs, catalog views, compatibility views and system tables exist in SQL Server 2012. While it may note be possible to discuss each and every one of these DMVs, I will be discussing the new DMVs and significant changes to existing ones.

I hope you find the series useful. Useful scripts presented as part of the series will also be made available on the SCRIPTS module (http://beyondrelational.com/modules/30/scripts.aspx?s=stream&tab=scripts) of BeyondRelational.com.

SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2008 Type Family
availability_databases_cluster New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_group_listener_ip_addresses New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_group_listeners New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_groups New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_groups_cluster New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_read_only_routing_lists New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
availability_replicas New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_auto_page_repair New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_availability_group_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_availability_replica_cluster_nodes New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_availability_replica_cluster_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_availability_replica_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_cluster New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_cluster_members New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_cluster_networks New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_database_replica_cluster_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_database_replica_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_instance_node_map New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_hadr_name_id_map New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_logpool_hashentries New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_logpool_stats New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_tcp_listener_states New in SQL Server 2012 DMV AlwaysOn
dm_audit_actions dm_audit_actions DMV Audit
dm_audit_class_type_map dm_audit_class_type_map DMV Audit
dm_server_audit_status dm_server_audit_status DMV Audit
dm_cdc_errors dm_cdc_errors DMV CDC
dm_cdc_log_scan_sessions dm_cdc_log_scan_sessions DMV CDC
change_tracking_databases change_tracking_databases Catalog Views Change Tracking
change_tracking_tables change_tracking_tables Catalog Views Change Tracking
column_store_dictionaries New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views ColumnStore
column_store_segments New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views ColumnStore
configurations configurations Catalog Views Configuration
fulltext_languages fulltext_languages Catalog Views Configuration
trace_categories trace_categories Catalog Views Configuration
trace_columns trace_columns Catalog Views Configuration
trace_event_bindings trace_event_bindings Catalog Views Configuration
trace_events trace_events Catalog Views Configuration
trace_subclass_values trace_subclass_values Catalog Views Configuration
traces traces Catalog Views Configuration
data_spaces data_spaces Catalog Views Data Spaces
destination_data_spaces destination_data_spaces Catalog Views Data Spaces
filegroups filegroups Catalog Views Data Spaces
partition_schemes partition_schemes Catalog Views Data Spaces
backup_devices backup_devices Catalog Views Database
database_files database_files Catalog Views Database
database_mirroring database_mirroring Catalog Views Database
database_mirroring_witnesses database_mirroring_witnesses Catalog Views Database
database_recovery_status database_recovery_status Catalog Views Database
databases databases Catalog Views Database
master_files master_files Catalog Views Database
schemas schemas Catalog Views Database
dm_db_file_space_usage dm_db_file_space_usage DMV Database
dm_db_fts_index_physical_stats New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Database
dm_db_index_usage_stats dm_db_index_usage_stats DMV Database
dm_db_log_space_usage New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Undocumented
dm_db_mirroring_auto_page_repair dm_db_mirroring_auto_page_repair DMV Database
dm_db_mirroring_connections dm_db_mirroring_connections DMV Database
dm_db_mirroring_past_actions dm_db_mirroring_past_actions DMV Database
dm_db_missing_index_details dm_db_missing_index_details DMV Database
dm_db_missing_index_group_stats dm_db_missing_index_group_stats DMV Database
dm_db_missing_index_groups dm_db_missing_index_groups DMV Database
dm_db_persisted_sku_features dm_db_persisted_sku_features DMV Database
dm_db_script_level dm_db_script_level DMV Database
dm_db_session_space_usage dm_db_session_space_usage DMV Database
dm_db_task_space_usage dm_db_task_space_usage DMV Database
dm_db_uncontained_entities New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Database
openkeys openkeys Catalog Views Encryption
dm_cryptographic_provider_properties dm_cryptographic_provider_properties DMV Encryption
dm_database_encryption_keys dm_database_encryption_keys DMV Encryption
database_mirroring_endpoints database_mirroring_endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
endpoint_webmethods endpoint_webmethods Catalog Views Endpoints
endpoints endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
http_endpoints http_endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
service_broker_endpoints service_broker_endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
soap_endpoints soap_endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
tcp_endpoints tcp_endpoints Catalog Views Endpoints
server_event_notifications server_event_notifications Catalog Views Event Notification
server_events server_events Catalog Views Event Notification
server_event_session_actions server_event_session_actions Catalog Views Extended Events
server_event_session_events server_event_session_events Catalog Views Extended Events
server_event_session_fields server_event_session_fields Catalog Views Extended Events
server_event_session_targets server_event_session_targets Catalog Views Extended Events
server_event_sessions server_event_sessions Catalog Views Extended Events
dm_xe_map_values dm_xe_map_values DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_object_columns dm_xe_object_columns DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_objects dm_xe_objects DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_packages dm_xe_packages DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_session_event_actions dm_xe_session_event_actions DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_session_events dm_xe_session_events DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_session_object_columns dm_xe_session_object_columns DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_session_targets dm_xe_session_targets DMV Extended Events
dm_xe_sessions dm_xe_sessions DMV Extended Events
extended_properties extended_properties Catalog Views Extended Properties
database_filestream_options New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views File Stream
filetable_system_defined_objects New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views File Stream
filetables New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views File Stream
dm_filestream_file_io_handles dm_filestream_file_io_handles DMV File Stream
dm_filestream_file_io_requests dm_filestream_file_io_requests DMV File Stream
dm_filestream_non_transacted_handles New in SQL Server 2012 DMV File Stream
fulltext_catalogs fulltext_catalogs Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_document_types fulltext_document_types Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_index_catalog_usages fulltext_index_catalog_usages Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_index_columns fulltext_index_columns Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_index_fragments fulltext_index_fragments Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_indexes fulltext_indexes Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_semantic_language_statistics_database New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_semantic_languages New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_stoplists fulltext_stoplists Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_stopwords fulltext_stopwords Catalog Views Full-text Search
fulltext_system_stopwords fulltext_system_stopwords Catalog Views Full-text Search
registered_search_properties New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Full-text Search
registered_search_property_lists New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Full-text Search
dm_fts_active_catalogs dm_fts_active_catalogs DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_fdhosts dm_fts_fdhosts DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_index_population dm_fts_index_population DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_memory_buffers dm_fts_memory_buffers DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_memory_pools dm_fts_memory_pools DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_outstanding_batches dm_fts_outstanding_batches DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_population_ranges dm_fts_population_ranges DMV Full-text Search
dm_fts_semantic_similarity_population New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Full-text Search
dm_io_backup_tapes dm_io_backup_tapes DMV I/O
dm_io_cluster_shared_drives dm_io_cluster_shared_drives DMV I/O
dm_io_pending_io_requests dm_io_pending_io_requests DMV I/O
dm_server_memory_dumps New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Installation
dm_server_registry New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Installation
dm_server_services New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Installation
all_columns all_columns System View Internal
all_objects all_objects System View Internal
all_parameters all_parameters System View Internal
all_sql_modules all_sql_modules System View Internal
all_views all_views System View Internal
system_internals_allocation_units system_internals_allocation_units System View Internal
system_internals_partition_columns system_internals_partition_columns System View Internal
system_internals_partitions system_internals_partitions System View Internal
system_objects system_objects System View Internal
system_parameters system_parameters System View Internal
system_sql_modules system_sql_modules System View Internal
system_views system_views System View Internal
systypes systypes System View Internal
sysusers sysusers System View Internal
type_assembly_usages type_assembly_usages System View Internal
user_token user_token System View Internal
via_endpoints via_endpoints System View Internal
linked_logins linked_logins Catalog Views Linked Servers
remote_logins remote_logins Catalog Views Linked Servers
servers servers Catalog Views Linked Servers
messages messages Catalog Views Messages
sysaltfiles sysaltfiles Compatibility Views N/A
syscacheobjects syscacheobjects Compatibility Views N/A
syscharsets syscharsets Compatibility Views N/A
syscolumns syscolumns Compatibility Views N/A
syscomments syscomments Compatibility Views N/A
sysconfigures sysconfigures Compatibility Views N/A
sysconstraints sysconstraints Compatibility Views N/A
syscurconfigs syscurconfigs Compatibility Views N/A
sysdatabases sysdatabases Compatibility Views N/A
sysdepends sysdepends Compatibility Views N/A
sysdevices sysdevices Compatibility Views N/A
sysfilegroups sysfilegroups Compatibility Views N/A
sysfiles sysfiles Compatibility Views N/A
sysforeignkeys sysforeignkeys Compatibility Views N/A
sysfulltextcatalogs sysfulltextcatalogs Compatibility Views N/A
sysindexes sysindexes Compatibility Views N/A
sysindexkeys sysindexkeys Compatibility Views N/A
syslanguages syslanguages Compatibility Views N/A
syslockinfo syslockinfo Compatibility Views N/A
syslogins syslogins Compatibility Views N/A
sysmembers sysmembers Compatibility Views N/A
sysmessages sysmessages Compatibility Views N/A
sysobjects sysobjects Compatibility Views N/A
sysoledbusers sysoledbusers Compatibility Views N/A
sysopentapes sysopentapes Compatibility Views N/A
sysperfinfo sysperfinfo Compatibility Views N/A
syspermissions syspermissions Compatibility Views N/A
sysprocesses sysprocesses Compatibility Views N/A
sysprotects sysprotects Compatibility Views N/A
sysreferences sysreferences Compatibility Views N/A
sysremotelogins sysremotelogins Compatibility Views N/A
sysservers sysservers Compatibility Views N/A
allocation_units allocation_units Catalog Views Object catalog
assembly_modules assembly_modules Catalog Views Object catalog
check_constraints check_constraints Catalog Views Object catalog
columns columns Catalog Views Object catalog
computed_columns computed_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
default_constraints default_constraints Catalog Views Object catalog
event_notifications event_notifications Catalog Views Object catalog
events events Catalog Views Object catalog
extended_procedures extended_procedures Catalog Views Object catalog
foreign_key_columns foreign_key_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
foreign_keys foreign_keys Catalog Views Object catalog
function_order_columns function_order_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
identity_columns identity_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
index_columns index_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
indexes indexes Catalog Views Object catalog
internal_tables internal_tables Catalog Views Object catalog
key_constraints key_constraints Catalog Views Object catalog
numbered_procedure_parameters numbered_procedure_parameters Catalog Views Object catalog
numbered_procedures numbered_procedures Catalog Views Object catalog
objects objects Catalog Views Object catalog
parameters parameters Catalog Views Object catalog
partitions partitions Catalog Views Object catalog
procedures procedures Catalog Views Object catalog
sequences New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Object catalog
service_queues service_queues Catalog Views Object catalog
sql_dependencies sql_dependencies Catalog Views Object catalog
sql_expression_dependencies sql_expression_dependencies Catalog Views Object catalog
sql_modules sql_modules Catalog Views Object catalog
stats stats Catalog Views Object catalog
stats_columns stats_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
synonyms synonyms Catalog Views Object catalog
system_columns system_columns Catalog Views Object catalog
table_types table_types Catalog Views Object catalog
tables tables Catalog Views Object catalog
trigger_event_types trigger_event_types Catalog Views Object catalog
trigger_events trigger_events Catalog Views Object catalog
triggers triggers Catalog Views Object catalog
views views Catalog Views Object catalog
partition_functions partition_functions Catalog Views Partitioning
partition_parameters partition_parameters Catalog Views Partitioning
partition_range_values partition_range_values Catalog Views Partitioning
dm_db_partition_stats dm_db_partition_stats DMV Partitioning
plan_guides plan_guides Catalog Views Query Execution
dm_exec_background_job_queue dm_exec_background_job_queue DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_background_job_queue_stats dm_exec_background_job_queue_stats DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_cached_plans dm_exec_cached_plans DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_connections dm_exec_connections DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_procedure_stats dm_exec_procedure_stats DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_query_memory_grants dm_exec_query_memory_grants DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_query_optimizer_info dm_exec_query_optimizer_info DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_query_resource_semaphores dm_exec_query_resource_semaphores DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_query_stats dm_exec_query_stats DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_query_transformation_stats dm_exec_query_transformation_stats DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_requests dm_exec_requests DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_sessions dm_exec_sessions DMV Query Execution
dm_exec_trigger_stats dm_exec_trigger_stats DMV Query Execution
event_notification_event_types event_notification_event_types Catalog Views Query Notification
dm_qn_subscriptions dm_qn_subscriptions DMV Query Notification
dm_repl_articles dm_repl_articles DMV Replication
dm_repl_schemas dm_repl_schemas DMV Replication
dm_repl_tranhash dm_repl_tranhash DMV Replication
dm_repl_traninfo dm_repl_traninfo DMV Replication
resource_governor_configuration resource_governor_configuration Catalog Views Resource Governor
resource_governor_resource_pool_affinity New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Resource Governor
resource_governor_resource_pools resource_governor_resource_pools Catalog Views Resource Governor
resource_governor_workload_groups resource_governor_workload_groups Catalog Views Resource Governor
dm_resource_governor_configuration dm_resource_governor_configuration DMV Resource Governor
dm_resource_governor_resource_pool_affinity New in SQL Server 2012 DMV Resource Governor
dm_resource_governor_resource_pools dm_resource_governor_resource_pools DMV Resource Governor
dm_resource_governor_workload_groups dm_resource_governor_workload_groups DMV Resource Governor
assembly_types assembly_types Catalog Views Scalar Types
column_type_usages column_type_usages Catalog Views Scalar Types
parameter_type_usages parameter_type_usages Catalog Views Scalar Types
types types Catalog Views Scalar Types
asymmetric_keys asymmetric_keys Catalog Views Security
certificates certificates Catalog Views Security
credentials credentials Catalog Views Security
crypt_properties crypt_properties Catalog Views Security
cryptographic_providers cryptographic_providers Catalog Views Security
database_audit_specification_details database_audit_specification_details Catalog Views Security
database_audit_specifications database_audit_specifications Catalog Views Security
database_permissions database_permissions Catalog Views Security
database_principals database_principals Catalog Views Security
database_role_members database_role_members Catalog Views Security
key_encryptions key_encryptions Catalog Views Security
login_token login_token Catalog Views Security
master_key_passwords master_key_passwords Catalog Views Security
Not available in SQL Sever 2012 database_principal_aliases Catalog Views Security
securable_classes securable_classes Catalog Views Security
server_audit_specification_details server_audit_specification_details Catalog Views Security
server_audit_specifications server_audit_specifications Catalog Views Security
server_audits server_audits Catalog Views Security
server_file_audits server_file_audits Catalog Views Security
server_permissions server_permissions Catalog Views Security
server_principal_credentials server_principal_credentials Catalog Views Security
server_principals server_principals Catalog Views Security
server_role_members server_role_members Catalog Views Security
sql_logins sql_logins Catalog Views Security
symmetric_keys symmetric_keys Catalog Views Security
system_components_surface_area_configuration system_components_surface_area_configuration Catalog Views Security
server_sql_modules server_sql_modules Catalog Views Server Triggers
server_trigger_events server_trigger_events Catalog Views Server Triggers
server_triggers server_triggers Catalog Views Server Triggers
conversation_endpoints conversation_endpoints Catalog Views Service Broker
conversation_groups conversation_groups Catalog Views Service Broker
conversation_priorities conversation_priorities Catalog Views Service Broker
message_type_xml_schema_collection_usages message_type_xml_schema_collection_usages Catalog Views Service Broker
remote_service_bindings remote_service_bindings Catalog Views Service Broker
routes routes Catalog Views Service Broker
service_contract_message_usages service_contract_message_usages Catalog Views Service Broker
service_contract_usages service_contract_usages Catalog Views Service Broker
service_contracts service_contracts Catalog Views Service Broker
service_message_types service_message_types Catalog Views Service Broker
service_queue_usages service_queue_usages Catalog Views Service Broker
services services Catalog Views Service Broker
transmission_queue transmission_queue Catalog Views Service Broker
dm_broker_activated_tasks dm_broker_activated_tasks DMV Service Broker
dm_broker_connections dm_broker_connections DMV Service Broker
dm_broker_forwarded_messages dm_broker_forwarded_messages DMV Service Broker
dm_broker_queue_monitors dm_broker_queue_monitors DMV Service Broker
spatial_index_tessellations spatial_index_tessellations Catalog Views Spatial Datatypes
spatial_indexes spatial_indexes Catalog Views Spatial Datatypes
spatial_reference_systems spatial_reference_systems Catalog Views Spatial Datatypes
assemblies assemblies Catalog Views SQLCLR
assembly_files assembly_files Catalog Views SQLCLR
assembly_references assembly_references Catalog Views SQLCLR
module_assembly_usages module_assembly_usages Catalog Views SQLCLR
server_assembly_modules server_assembly_modules Catalog Views SQLCLR
dm_clr_appdomains dm_clr_appdomains DMV SQLCLR
dm_clr_loaded_assemblies dm_clr_loaded_assemblies DMV SQLCLR
dm_clr_properties dm_clr_properties DMV SQLCLR
dm_clr_tasks dm_clr_tasks DMV SQLCLR
dm_os_buffer_descriptors dm_os_buffer_descriptors DMV SQLOS
dm_os_child_instances dm_os_child_instances DMV SQLOS
dm_os_cluster_nodes dm_os_cluster_nodes DMV SQLOS
dm_os_cluster_properties New in SQL Server 2012 DMV SQLOS
dm_os_dispatcher_pools dm_os_dispatcher_pools DMV SQLOS
dm_os_dispatchers dm_os_dispatchers DMV SQLOS
dm_os_hosts dm_os_hosts DMV SQLOS
dm_os_latch_stats dm_os_latch_stats DMV SQLOS
dm_os_loaded_modules dm_os_loaded_modules DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_allocations dm_os_memory_allocations DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_broker_clerks New in SQL Server 2012 DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_brokers dm_os_memory_brokers DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_cache_clock_hands dm_os_memory_cache_clock_hands DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_cache_counters dm_os_memory_cache_counters DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_cache_entries dm_os_memory_cache_entries DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_cache_hash_tables dm_os_memory_cache_hash_tables DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_clerks dm_os_memory_clerks DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_node_access_stats dm_os_memory_node_access_stats DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_nodes dm_os_memory_nodes DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_objects dm_os_memory_objects DMV SQLOS
dm_os_memory_pools dm_os_memory_pools DMV SQLOS
dm_os_nodes dm_os_nodes DMV SQLOS
dm_os_performance_counters dm_os_performance_counters DMV SQLOS
dm_os_process_memory dm_os_process_memory DMV SQLOS
dm_os_ring_buffers dm_os_ring_buffers DMV SQLOS
dm_os_schedulers dm_os_schedulers DMV SQLOS
dm_os_server_diagnostics_log_configurations New in SQL Server 2012 DMV SQLOS
dm_os_spinlock_stats dm_os_spinlock_stats DMV SQLOS
dm_os_stacks dm_os_stacks DMV SQLOS
dm_os_sublatches dm_os_sublatches DMV SQLOS
dm_os_sys_info dm_os_sys_info DMV SQLOS
dm_os_sys_memory dm_os_sys_memory DMV SQLOS
dm_os_tasks dm_os_tasks DMV SQLOS
dm_os_threads dm_os_threads DMV SQLOS
dm_os_virtual_address_dump dm_os_virtual_address_dump DMV SQLOS
dm_os_wait_stats dm_os_wait_stats DMV SQLOS
dm_os_waiting_tasks dm_os_waiting_tasks DMV SQLOS
dm_os_windows_info New in SQL Server 2012 DMV SQLOS
dm_os_worker_local_storage dm_os_worker_local_storage DMV SQLOS
dm_os_workers dm_os_workers DMV SQLOS
dm_tran_active_snapshot_database_transactions dm_tran_active_snapshot_database_transactions DMV Transactions
dm_tran_active_transactions dm_tran_active_transactions DMV Transactions
dm_tran_commit_table dm_tran_commit_table DMV Transactions
dm_tran_current_snapshot dm_tran_current_snapshot DMV Transactions
dm_tran_current_transaction dm_tran_current_transaction DMV Transactions
dm_tran_database_transactions dm_tran_database_transactions DMV Transactions
dm_tran_locks dm_tran_locks DMV Transactions
dm_tran_session_transactions dm_tran_session_transactions DMV Transactions
dm_tran_top_version_generators dm_tran_top_version_generators DMV Transactions
dm_tran_transactions_snapshot dm_tran_transactions_snapshot DMV Transactions
dm_tran_version_store dm_tran_version_store DMV Transactions
selective_xml_index_namespaces New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Undocumented
selective_xml_index_paths New in SQL Server 2012 Catalog Views Undocumented
syscursorcolumns syscursorcolumns System Tables Undocumented
syscursorrefs syscursorrefs System Tables Undocumented
syscursors syscursors System Tables Undocumented
syscursortables syscursortables System Tables Undocumented
column_xml_schema_collection_usages column_xml_schema_collection_usages Catalog Views XML
parameter_xml_schema_collection_usages parameter_xml_schema_collection_usages Catalog Views XML
xml_indexes xml_indexes Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_attributes xml_schema_attributes Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_collections xml_schema_collections Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_component_placements xml_schema_component_placements Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_components xml_schema_components Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_elements xml_schema_elements Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_facets xml_schema_facets Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_model_groups xml_schema_model_groups Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_namespaces xml_schema_namespaces Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_types xml_schema_types Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_wildcard_namespaces xml_schema_wildcard_namespaces Catalog Views XML
xml_schema_wildcards xml_schema_wildcards Catalog Views XML

[EDIT: February 10, 2013; 10:30PM IST]: Rectified categorizing inconsistencies in the table.

Until we meet next time,

Be courteous. Drive responsibly.


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