#0237-SQL Server-Intellisense not working SQL Server 2008 R2 & Visual Studio 2010 SP1

While most would be very meticulous about ensuring that their servers are running software with the latest and greatest service/cumulative update packs. However, most developers that I have worked with only deploy a patch if their IT forces them to (via group policies and automatic deployment of updates) or if they face a challenge and the patch resolves the issue. In such a scenario, developers often come up to me and ask this question:

The Intelli-sense feature in the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) on my local SQL Server 2008 R2 instance stopped working. Can you fix it?

My reply is always a counter-question: “What changed?”

After the denials, they finally admit that they installed Visual Studio 2010 SP1 and that resolves the issue. After Visual Studio 2010 SP1 is installed on a workstation with SQL Server 2008 R2 (any release from RTM to CU6), the Intelli-sense feature in the SQL server Management Studio (SSMS) may stop working.

This is a  known, documented issue with Microsoft (KB2531482)and the fix is quite simple – deploy the latest service pack/cumulative update of SQL Server 2008 R2. To know about the latest available build of SQL Server, please refer my post: http://bit.ly/SiOVIw.

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1 thought on “#0237-SQL Server-Intellisense not working SQL Server 2008 R2 & Visual Studio 2010 SP1

  1. balakrishna141

    HI Nakul,

    First of all thanks for gathering all the information about intellisense. And as you know still am facing the intellisense problem in my local, i mean i don’t have time to debug this issue.Any how i will work around soon .

    Thanks for your effort.



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